Tubular Heat Setting Machine is manufactured for fixing process of yarn in the knitting fabrics at the high temperature . Stabilization of fabric which is knitting from mixing yarn is provide before to dyeing process for to prevent to tension of the fabric. So fabric lines is saved to smooth all of dyeing process time . Fabric witdh can open at desired values for to provide witdh and high shrinkage values of fabric and fabric gramaj after dyeing process.       

Cotton – lycra , polyester, polyester-viskose, viskose-lycra and nylon mixing yarn types fabric could do thermosetting by the machine.     

Maximum temperature of machine 200 °C and can adjustment for different temperature values by pneumatic heat oil valves.    

When fabric is moving at the private designed fabric stratcher in the chamber is disturbused homojen by dioganal nozzle system . So some unsmooth at the fabric prevent by nozzle system due to between bands and edge at the fabric differenties . When fabric exits from chamber , cooling group is making to shock cooling for to saving stabilization of fabric .    

Control system of machine is designed to front side of machine for to easy control of machine by operator . Polymercerising machine has a dioganal nozzle system . There are private static electricity nötr system at the exit of machine for to prevent static loading to fabric .     

Heating system of machine provides by heat oil . Heat oil serpetines consists of stainless pipes at the metal wings . Wings space is calculated for the maximum heat transfer . However, there are filters at the serpentines for the prevent loading of fabric fiber to inside of the serpentine wings .So , to prevent decreasing efficiency of serpentine .    

One , two or three line fabric can do heatsetting to dyed or greige fabric at the same time according to wanting .  Fabric stratcher which face are connected with fabric manufactured from smooth stainless steel . So to dont allowing to unwanting tension and distortion at the fabric .


Fabric speed can adjustment by ungradual for to gain desired thermosetting values . Weight lenghten values of fabric can be controlled by to adjustment of  speed differenties between the fabric inlet and exit speed to machine .Fabric speed and machine heating can watched easily by digital screen .Efficiency thermosetting at the machine provides due to exhaust system at the machine which is sending moisture to outside of machine from to chamber .


Open width Process



Tubular Thermofixation Process




OPERATOR (3 Shift)