Water Hydroextractor

Hydro extractor has four main function as follows,

  • Squeezing after dyeing machine rope formed fabric before relax dryer,
  • With overfeeding at magnetic stretcher it adjusts width, length and weight of fabric,
  • Providing softener, silicone and chemicals,
  • Avoiding twisting because of natural tention on fabric,

Sufficient operating space between two body of machine.
First and second squeezing padder pressures can be adjusted individually.
Machine can be operated with full or manual function by three(front,center,back) different control panel

Machine Technical Specifications,

  • Turn table (Optional)
  • Full automatic twisting unit,
  • Ring openers with automatic encoder control (Three pcs.)
  • Multi hole and seam detectors located different areas,
  • J-box fabric feeding system by sensor control,
  • Extra control cylinders to avoid fabric twisting,
  • First Padder for washing
  • Pressurized air and ring opener group before squeezing,
  • Stainless steel fabric transfer cylinder,
  • Dancer Roller, Pressurized air and ring opener group
    before squeezing,
  • Chemical Padder with squeezing pressure control,
  • Magnetic expander with 4 motors inverter controlled,
  • Silicone driving wheels,
  • %50 overfeeding at magnetic expander,
  • Fabric conveyor band without tention,
  • Adjustable plaiter,